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1. How to Install The Mods?

You can see the instruction of installation + video in this post -->
  •  How to Install Mods with Dota 2 Changer (Worked)

2. It is Safe for Steam Account?

Until now many people are using the cosmetic items mods and not banned by Valve. But there is no guarantee of any VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) safeness or copyright arts in the future. Because right now Valve is only allowed command -enable_addons not -override_vpk. All the mods just affect your client computer view only and not your steam account. Just you can see the mods, not other people. So basically all the mods are in your computer hard disk / ssd. If you login with another account in the same PC and enabled command "-override_vpk" the mods will be shown.

3. It is Malware?

Mods actually files that are almost the same as an existing files on the server steam dota 2. But you have in your client computer hard disk. Mods and Program created for people who can't afford expensive items in the first place. And what, it just created for stole poor accounts? Please..
If there are some issues about malware, maybe you have clicked on a link scam, phishing or malware through another website or steam chat.

4. How to Remove The Mods?

4.1 Not shown

  • Right Click Steam icon in the taskbar > Library > Right Click Dota 2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

  • *Old Simply erase command "-override_vpk" in your properties Dota 2.Right click Steam --> Library --> Right click Dota 2 --> Properties --> in Genereal choose Set Launch Option and delete "-override_vpk" --> OK

4.2 Completely Remove

In order to completely remove the mods. You must delete what file of mods that you want to be removed from your computer. So it will not shown anymore when you open Dota 2. The mods file can be found in the following folder:
Steam > steamapps > common > dota 2 beta > game > dota > files (Shady Installer)
Steam > steamapps > common > dota 2 beta > game > folder mods (VPK Creator)

Video Guide How to Uninstall The Mods:

5. Error or Bug Mods?

If you're experiencing error, bug or missing particles/ambient in any mods, there are possibilities that error mods files or the method you have been used are not suitable enough. If both of conditions are happened then just try another method of install mods in Step 1 or you should wait till mods file updated.

That's it! Hopefully this is helpful for you all. Don't forget to support our lovely Dota 2 Game and buy online in steam market.

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