How to Install Mods Dota 2 Reborn with VPK Creator

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How to use mods for dota 2 reborn? That question always asked by many dota 2 player that really want to use mods cause no money for some expensive items. And we already posted about installing mods with other methods but valve always trying to make us can't use mods in game. In this post we're using VPK Creator. This method is the other way if dota2changer, shady intaller, etc aren't working well. Hopefully you can follow the instruction below correctly, so you can use mods in game.
This guide is provide by Shutnik.

Step 1. Create Folder

Open your dota 2 folder, go to:
Steam > steamapps > common > dota 2 beta > game > and create new folder with any name you want. For example let me use "dota2mods" folder.
dota2mods folder

Step 2. Edit

Go to Steam > steamapps > common > dota 2 beta > game > dota > and search file with a name "" and open it with notepad++. Look carefully at red box, add with your mods folder name whatever it is.
*Note : every big update / verify cache, you should change it again. So you better keep the 2nd one in other folder.

Step 3. Download VPK Creator and Mod

Download -->> VPK Creator and extract it.
Look up the folder named "pak01_dir" > and Paste any mods (materials, models, particles, sound, etc) that you can download for sample from Sven - Arms of Rising Fury, Invoker - Dark Artistry or Shadow Fiend Arcana mod inside it.

Step 4. Create pak01_dir.vpk

After all mods are placed in pak01_dir folder, back to VPK Creator folder and double click "Create vpk-archive from pak01_dir folder.bat". It will create pak01_dir.vpk.

Step 5. Copy pak01_dir.vpk to folder

Cut or Copy "pak01_dir.vpk" to dota2mods folder that already you've created before at Step 1. Run Dota 2 Reborn and Have Fun guys.


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