This site was created in April 2015 and dedicated for share modification of Dota 2 items as we all known as (Dota 2 Mods) for people or player who can't afford expensive items in the first place. Dota 2 mods can be played online as long as you follow instruction correctly. So all fans of Dota 2 can use it as free item in client PC view only. And also all the mods are not violated VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) yet. So your steam account will be safe.

Hopefully you would buy online in steam market after tried the mods for supporting our lovely Dota 2 Game. You can share your experience, comment, suggestion, etc. Feel free and enjoy to visit this site. All activities in this site are recorded by web server.

Thanks for visiting. :)
Hopefully you will back again.

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