Apr 21, 2015

Phantom Assassin Arcana - Manifold Paradox

By Dota 2 Mods  |  12:03:00 PM

Here is PA Phantom Assassin Arcana - Manifold Paradox mod fire style 3 item Dota 2 Reborn. Because of dual wielding, you can't use your single weapon on it. You must unequip the weapon. Like the others arcana mods, this item has ambient and change animation, ability skill effect of Phantom Assassin. Dagger, Blink and Coupe de Grace.

Mod type: Script. For installation mod guide: How to install mods with vpk creator. Hope you guys like this mod and support our favorite game in steam community market. The essence of gaming is fun. No money? Just mods. Enjoy the game and boost your MMR!

Phantom Assassin Arcana - Manifold Paradox
Download Phantom Assassin - Manifold Paradox



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