How to Merge Script Mods

By Dota 2 Mods  |  10:20:00 AM

How to merge script Dota 2 Reborn mods items_game.txt with WinMerge? Actually you can edit manually with notepad++ for advanced user, but with WinMerge you can more easily copy and paste from old script to the new script one by clicking the different of both files. That's the feature of the software.

Cause we all know after every big update of Dota 2, the script file need to be replaced in order to make the mods still working. For example in this video, merge the old script from juggernaut - fireborn odachi and seasonal terrain - autumn mods to the new script

Download --->>> WinMerge.

Video :

Hope this video help you guys out of the common problem of missing some ambient particles effect after major update of Dota 2 Reborn.


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